Day 15-Michiko Malandro

Day 15 of #28DaysOfBlackAnime we are celebrating the feisty Michiko Malandro from Michiko & Hatchin!

No list of black characters would be complete if it didn’t include the Afro Latina Diva, Michiko! Michiko is the definition of a smooth criminal, escaping a inescapable prison 4 times! She stumbles upon and saves Hatchin, a young girl get abused by her step father. As it turns out she knows Hatchin’s real father and was in love with him at one point. And both girls have the same tattoo on there stomachs. Setting off on a adventure to track him down together the two bicker constantly. But don’t despite her rough attitude Michiko will do anything for Hatchin, as she shows it countless times in the show!

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