Day 5-Dani Chambers

There’s an old debate in the anime community that goes as far back as the beginning of time. “Sub vs Dub” Whether you like to watch your anime in Japanese or English there’s no arguing the people behind the mic are the ones who bring our favorite characters to life and engrave them in our hearts forever. For Day 5 of 28 Days of Black Anime I was lucky enough to interview Dani Chambers. She has voiced characters like Chise Hatori from The Ancient Magus’ Bride
to Naoko Yanagisawa from Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card!

”What got you into anime and what’s your favorite anime?”

DC: Sailor Moon got me into anime. I used to watch that show when I was a little girl and I wanted to be just like Sailor Jupiter. She was tough and strong and I loved shows that had such a great character like her. My favorite anime would have to be either Tenchi Muyo or Ace Attorney (now that it’s an anime).

“How did your career in voice acting begin?”

DC: I have been acting since I was 6 years old so I’ve always loved acting everywhere. I began voice acting specifically in 2014. I had been doing more community theater, taking acting classes, and trying to book more work. It had been 3 years before I had booked anything in anime. Then in 2017, I landed a Walla session at FUNi and it turned into an audition and booked my first supporting charatcter which is Zenko Fujiwara for The Morose Mononokean directed (then) by Tyler Walker.

“Any tips for someone trying to get into Voice Acting?”

DC: If you have acting experience or are an actor already, start taking some anime/video game acting classes, get your demo reel professionally done, and start auditioning on casting sites. Get your name out there! If you don’t have acting experience, get involved with a local community theater or find an acting class to be a part of. Learning the basics of acting will help you learn to be a better actor.

“What do you foresee in the future with anime and the black community? For example the fandom, storylines, animators etc.”

DC: I believe that things are going well! There’s so many opportunites arising and it’s really cool seeing that happen. I think there will be even more black VA’s that come into the field of anime, on top of who is here already, and it’s gonna be awesome! By the way, Kimberly Brooks and Cree Summer have been inspirations for me to keep going. I hope I can get to their level of awesomeness in the voice acting indutry. I love hearing them in all types of shows/games/etc. It can only get better from here!

 Watch some of her work on Funimation!

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