Day 14- Karui & Chocho

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today we are celebrating this mom and daughter duo, Karui and Chocho.

Show: Naruto Shippuden

Show: Boruto


Karui is a kunoichi from Kumogakure, and a member of Team Samui. She was a passionate shinobi who would tell you exactly what was on her mind. She also would get into funny arguments with her partner Omoi. Karui later married Choji and becomes part of the Akimichi clan. After having her daughter, Karui had calmed down a bit and being an awesome mom.

Chocho is daughter of Karui and Choji. She has an attitude like her mom and an appetite like her dad. Despite resembling her parents Chocho believes that her parents aren’t her real parents and stays on the lookout for her “real ones” Chocho is also best friends with Sarada Uchiha and tends to hang out with her often.

You can watch both these ladies on Crunchyroll! Hey


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