Day 2- Jacque Aye

If you’re all about #BlackGirlMagic and anime, @adornedbychi is a one-stop shop for you! From pins to pillows, they fufill your anime merchandise needs. Recently I interviewed Jacque Aye, CEO of Adornedbychi and the new Candy Coated Curls, where you can get beautiful kinky and curly wigs for all your cosplay needs. You can find out more by following their social media pages listed below.


The Interview:

DS: How did you get into anime?

JA: My older brother used to watch Pokemon, Sailor Moon and other shows and we shared a room at the time so I watched too ha! And just like most 90s kids I was really into Toonami. I think Toonami made anime fans out of a lot of us. When it comes to more current anime, it’s actually my younger brother who got me back on the anime loving train. We send recommendations back and forth and critique shows together often.

DS: How did anime get included into your business?

JA: I’ve been a fan of cutesy magical girl aesthetics for a long time. So I’ve always had that aesthetic and it wasn’t until I made my Usagi Taught Me design that I started adding more and more magical anime influenced designs to the shop.


DS: With your Sailor Moon patch being one of my favorite additions to my outfit, what is your favorite anime item you own?

JA: Aww thanks so so much!! I have an epic holographic Sailor Moon print by Asiey Barbie that’s my ultimate fave. I also have a cute Usagi Funko figure and I’m obsessed my my Little Sailor pillow.

DS: What do you foresee in the future with anime and black community? For example the fandom, storylines, animators etc.

JA: I definitely see more Black creators tackling the anime art style and format along with more diverse story telling in all genres of anime. With shows like Neo Yokio and Canon Busters (which I’m SO HYPE FOR) I see us gaining more representation in parody/mecha/action anime but I want a Black magical girly girl.


Social Media:

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